Above the barren wasteland of Australia,
We rise to make amends for our failure,
He destroyed our people now it’s time, to ascend
We’ve got these kick-ass spaceships and his ass, we shall rend
Like Thunder rolling over hills, We sharpen blades, and hone our skills
Arm the missiles, and the laser guns

Space Wars
Space Wars

Our people… Destroyed
He cast our race into… the void
He made a quick arrival and he came from above
Our armies fell to pieces as he drained us with his lightning glove
As men lay dying left and right, he launched himself into the night
And now it’s time to do what must be done

Space Wars
Space Wars

We gathered our resources and departed
What’s left of planet Earth, now discarded
We few who now remain venture through space to bring him down
And when we find our planet’s bane, we’ll beat him to the ground
We’ll travel to the great beyond, Armed with fury and neutron bombs
And killing him will be so very fun

Space Wars
All the time we fight
Space Wars
Riding through the night, forever
Space Wars
Fire Laser Beams
Space Wars

Space Wars!