He rolled right into town not two days ago
And headed straight for the saloon
Got whiskey and a glass of warm of beer
Asked the player for a tune

It wasn’t long before the sheriff dropped on by
Had to assess the sit-itation
Coulda cut the tension with a knife
And not a word was spoke before he let lead

Shattered glass
Splintered wood
“Get on the floor!”

They traded shots
And then he dove -
Out the backdoor

Believe me when I say, he was a devil disguised

We got a Posse, and we headed on out
And rode on horseback for a day
Spotted tracks along the road to the south
And figured he had come this way

It wasn’t long before we found his still-warm coals
And rabbit carcass from the night before
Looks like he caught himself some dinner - haha
We was about to leave but then he let lead

And not a word was spoke before he let lead

Before we knew
What he had done
Three men were down

We tried to flank
But not a one - could
Get off the ground

He said that if I begged for my life, he’d let me come back alone