Lost in Space - that's how we feel - the human race - on the balance wheel
Out in the black - no earth below - it’s an endless hunt - for our greatest foe
The faintest signal - drew us here - no more than static - to the untrained ear
Careful now - be vigilant - pay close attention - To the instruments

In the distance - I see our scout - ship torn to pieces - inside out
The Glove he stands on the world below - He’s draining power - So he can go!

Arm the missiles - Load the guns
Now surround him - Don’t let him run
Man your stations - Brace for attack
Engines starboard - He’s firing back
Can’t take any more - of these blows
Shields are failing - the hull is exposed
There is nothing - left to say
We are going...
we are going...
Yes we’re going… to die this way

Well I looked to my commander, there was fear in my eyes, I said “we cannot win, the ship won’t last!”
But solid as a rock he stood and made his reply, “Deploy Kevlar’s cyborg, make it fast!”
The shuttle bay was opened and a figure emerged, A David fit for the Goliath we face
Then they started toward each other and their bodies converged; An epic battle fought in outer space

Gets around him - strikes his back
Moves beneath him - avoids attack
Sees the weak point - way up above
Fires his missiles -

Into the lightning Glove
Destroy the lightning Glove
Destroy the lightning Glove
Destroy the lightning Glove