Hello Champions!

We hope your quarantine was as productive as ours - Hot off the presses, we have a new EP for your listening pleasure.


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About Untopia

A slight departure from our previous works, astute listeners may notice that Untopia is NOT a concept album - there is no cohesive story to be picked up on here, just a collection of kickass songs written and recorded from the comfort of the couch in our skivvies.

Track List

  1. Parliaments
  2. Moneyman
  3. The Edge
  4. Let Lead Fly
  5. Surreal
  6. Call Me A Fool

Untopia Liner Notes

Music:: Colby Strangi, Geoff Goss, Jeffrey Starker and Connor Paglia
Lyrics: Colby Strangi, Geoff Goss, and Jeffrey Starker
Recorded by: Colby Strangi, Geoff Goss, and Jeffrey Starker
Recorded at: Champion Studios, SOMA, San Francisco, CA and also at home
Produced by: Champion of Tribes
Album Art: Connor Paglia

Champion of Tribes is:
Colby Strangi - Lead Vocals, Background Vocals
Jeff Starker - Basses, Keys, Background Vocals
Geoff Goss - Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Keys
Connor Paglia - Drummer, Keys